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Underground Sprinklers

Automatic Sprinkler Service and Maintenance

ACE Irrigation offers a variety of irrigation services and irrigation systems for your lawn and garden.

When there is a problem with a component on an existing sprinkler system, it can mean watering by hand until it is fixed. We understand that this can be an issue and that is why we offer quick response to your irrigation repair needs.  Our technicians arrive prepared with a fully equipped truck and hundreds of brand name irrigation parts in stock. We don’t want to waste any of your time and make sure you get the most with your time and money.

Spring Start Up and Repairs

Have ACE Irrigation Underground Sprinklers do a thorough inspection and testing of your irrigation system for the summer.  We will turn on the water and timer and check for any repairs that need to be done.  Damaged, faulty or improperly adjusted system may result in thousands of dollars of damage to your property.  For the peace of mind, book us for your irrigation activation for a worry-free year.  Repairs anytime during the year is also welcomed.

All of our service technicians are professional and candid, and have a minimum of 10 years of related experience in automatic sprinkler service.

Winterization aka Blowouts

Automatic sprinkler winterization should be performed at the end of each season. It includes purging each zone on your sprinkler system with air using a 185CFM air compressor. We ensure that all the water is out of the irrigation line to help prevent freezing, and possible cracking, which creates leaks.

As well, we also make sure that your access valve inside your homes are properly shut off so there is no chance of the lines re-filling with water over the winter. This will protect your investment in your underground lawn sprinkler system. Underground winterization as well as above ground irrigation closing services are an important part of an effective maintenance program.

Scheduling fall winterization or blow out with ACE Irrigation Underground Sprinklers is easy.  Just call us to schedule when you want your system winterized and we well get it done, hassle-free.  Call us anytime to schedule (to book the time of your choice, we recommend to call before September).  

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