New Installation

Thinking about getting a new sprinkler systems installed for your lawn or garden? Properly designed and installed irrigation systems are extremely important for Calgary's dry landscapes. Our professionals know how to design systems that meet these needs for balance. We ensure you get the right amount of water for your landscape without over-watering. We have extensive experience designing for small and large landscapes. The installation process may include but not limited to, trenching, linking the water source; installing shut-off valves; working with poly pipes, PVC pipes and PVC cement; constructing a valve manifold; connecting wires; installing sprinklers and flushing the system. 

Our team uses only top-quality products from respected brands like Hunter and Rainbird and offer a wide variety of types and sizes of lawn sprinklers. Your system will have everything you need to maximize your landscape features including a multi-zone electronic timer (controller) and sprinklers customized to your specific terrain.   We offer optional rain / freeze sensors installations to increase the water efficiency and reduce watering costs. Our lastest new product: WIFI enabled smart device controlled irrigation controller will make owing an irrigation easy and convienent for your busy everyday life. Put your trust in ACE Irrigation to get the job done right the first time!