Irrigation Upgrade & Modification

Even the best-designed systems will require some modification to improve the coverage due to changing landscape needs. We can examine a system and determine the most effective modifications to perform based on the existing system, budget and your needs. Advanced sprinkler can make changes to accommodate new landscaping, desire for improved coverage to existing landscaping and construction such as additions to the home or pool installations.  Modifications to conserve water are becoming increasingly more important as the cost of water rises and water restrictions force cities to make changes to reduce water waste. 

Suggested upgrades to improve your irrigation system's cost and water efficiency:

-  Rain/freeze sensor will reduce unneeded watering when there's sufficient rain for your 


-  Hunter MP Rotator nozzles can reduce water usage up to 30%

-  Hunter Hydrawise WIFI enabled controller allows you to change and reduce your 

   scheduled programming anywhere.  It also comes with a weather station montoring 

   program to shut down scheduled watering due to rain or increase watering frequency 

   due to hot weather.