Spring Startup

With the advent of spring, the gardens and lawns begin to thaw. Spring, therefore, is the ideal time to get the garden sprinklers checked thoroughly. A complete spring start-up process will certainly include:

1.  Turning on each zone manually or with controller to ensure valves are functional

2.  Adjust and/or replace sprinkler nozzles and heads to ensure proper coverage

3.  Repair broken, clogged and leaking sprinkler heads

4.  Investigate and repair any broken sprinkler lines

5.  Program proper irrigation controller settings

6.  Ensure rain sernsors are functioning

Fall Blowout/ Winterization

Autumn signals you to "blowout" all water from the sprinkler system so that the water doesn't freeze inside the lines resulting in extensive damages to the lines, valves and sprinkler heads.  Our winterization process though simple, does require your full cooperation!  

Hiring us to have your irrigation system witerized is easy by following the steps below:

1.  Contact us with your name, address, contact information and whether you would like your system winterized early, mid or later in the season (last week of September to first wee k of November).

2.  We will add you to our schedule and let you know the date booked.

3.  At least 1 day prior to our arrival please complete the following steps:

    - irrigation water shut off valve inside the house is shut off

    - ensure all valve boxes on the property is visible

    - turn irrigation controller/ timer to OFF but do not unplug the system to maintain 

      its schedule programming

4.  You are not required to be home at the time of the service.  Upon completion, a

    confirmation email along with the invoice will be sent to you.

Protect your investment & prevent costly repairs! Get your irrigation system WINTERIZED every year!